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Pilates Matwork


Studio One's Pilates matwork sessions are run by studio owner, Sarah Palmer (BCPA, Lev 3). Sarah started her teaching career 30 years ago when she first taught dance at a national level and then moved into the fitness industry. She teaches a wide variety of Pilates levels and includes an array of equipment including Stability Balls, Toning Circles, Balance Balls, Foam Rollers and SitFits. Sarah's vast experience and friendly personality will ensure you are warmly welcomed and in safe hands.



It doesn't matter if you are new to Pilates, a Jumpboard class could be just what you need to add to your weekly routine. The Jumpboard is an attachment that converts a reformer into a horizontal jumping machine. It fixes to the front of the reformer where the footbar is. While lying with your back on the carriage you can adjust the spring tension and jump on the board as if it were the floor. The spring tension takes gravity out of the equation, so it feels like you are jumping on the moon!

Private Pilates 1-1s 


For those who are complete beginners to Pilates or require extra help and support, private 1-1s are available via appointment. 
For those new to Pilates Reformer, initial assessments are available as well as beginner taster sessions.



What's not to like! This fun, furious workout is a high intensity body conditioning class which brings a cardiovascular element to the timetable. Barre work combines the technique of Pilates and Yoga, and adds resistance training into a highly effective regime performed at a barre and on the mat. This low impact fitness craze gives you a total body workout, toning the thighs, flattening the abs and sculpting the arms whilst protecting the joints. Bring'll need it!!

Adult Ballet Barre


Ballet is a beautiful form of art and a way of expressing yourself and has a great many benefits including toning, strengthening, improving coordination and increasing flexibility. Studio One's adult ballet barre classes are specifically designed to build your confidence with ballet techniques and movement patterns building up each week to gain more control and grace of movement. The class aims to find the freedom and love for dance following the structure of a ballet class.

Pilates for Men


Pilates is often thought of as an exercise programme for women. However, the Pilates method was created by a man, Joseph Pilates, whose main students when he first started to teach, were male. Many athletes also practise the Pilates method to enhance their sporting activity. 

Group Reformer


Now taking bookings for our 2017 Group Reformer courses. HURRY!! These are extremely popular classes and fill up very quickly! Email for availability.
Beginner taster sessions now available
Student Discount Rates apply
Drop Ins where available 

Back Care


As Pilates has benefits of elongating the spine and aligning it with the pelvis, hips, legs, feet, shoulders and head, this specialised class will help to prevent slouching and focus on posture and spinal decompression. If you have been diagnosed with Osteopenia or Osteoporosis and you would like to join a Pilates class, it is important to attend a specifically tailored class to suit your needs so that contraindicated movements are avoided. Private sessions are also available to offer more help and support if needed.



The postures and breathing combination used in our Yoga Classes stretch and tone muscles improving flexibility. The joints are opened which increases suppleness and range of movement and blockages in our energy pathways are released, transforming tension and stress into relaxation and energy.